Jonathan Storheil Værnes sto for vinnerprosjektet i kategorien «Fremragende bruk av mur eller betong» under prisutdelingen ved AHO WORKS 8. juni 2017.

Hans oppgave var utformingen av en offentlig park i Onomichi i Japan –  et anlegg som benytter sprøytebetong på stålprofiler for å skape røffe overflater i et naturlig parkområde. Betongkonstruksjonene gir parken det dominerende uttrykket både over bakken og i de skjermende underjordsarealene.

Byggutengrenser deler denne prisen ut to ganger i året under seremoniene ved Arkitekt- og designhøgskolen i Oslo (AHO)

I Jonathans prosjektbeskrivelse står det:

On a terrace above the city of Onomichi, there is a plain gravel field surrounded by cherry trees.The project takes advantage of this plateau, breaking the public space into smaller sequences, portioning out the view, so that the space can be experienced in many ways.

The aim of the project is to create a scenery of experiences between architecture and nature. This is a dense collection of spaces, from non-referable height and depth to spaces which one cannot enter. The overall density and scale stands in relation to the scale of the city, the density of houses and rocks. The elements are arranged in such a way that they create inbetween spaces of clear and rough surfaces.

Within this space architectural and lithic forms are somehow in a dialogue. Combined they construct a scenery that is typical of Onomichi, where the built and natural environment merge to create something special. In Onomichi, there are places where rocks, faces, inclines meet walls, windows, stairs. This project works with this condition.

It is a dry landscape, made of concrete and gravel, and the structures are made by making steel plate formwork for the precise surfaces and shooting concrete onto it to make rough surfaces opposed.

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